Virus Removal and Protection. 

(15 day warranty) 
This service is our most popular. 90% of all computers are infected with some sort of virus or malware. 
We at The Computer Cult are always up to date with the many types of malware that can infect your machine. With this service we will also provide you with a Microsoft approved Antivirus.  

General Tech Support. 


(15 day warranty)
This service is will help you with most non virus related issues. With this service we can assist you with your printer as well as your email. This will be the best fit if you need help with accessories. This service also covers support for email and wireless set up. 

PC tune up.



(15 day warranty)


If your computer is running slow, This might be the right service for you. With this service we optimize your computer by cleaning out the browsers and streamlining your start up process.